Artemis Education partners with Earthly to create climate-positive education environments

Lorenzo Curci

Lorenzo Curci

21 Feb, 2023

Artemis Education partners with Earthly to create climate-positive education environments

Artemis Education, a private international school group with campuses in Europe and the Middle East, has rolled out a sustainability plan and eco-curriculum in collaboration with Earthly. 

So far, the school group has balanced

19,809.19 tonnes of carbon

with Earthly’s nature-based solutions – projects that remove carbon, protect and restore ecosystems while also reversing biodiversity loss and providing well-being benefits for local communities.

Artemis Education built its sustainability strategy for its headquarters as well as its Northview International School in Doha, Qatar and the Lisboan International School in Lisbon, Portugal. and created

The Artemis Promise

to design and deliver a sustainable education solution for the future. The organisation is also actively pursuing a B-Corp certification.

Lexi Lloyd Owen

, Head of Sustainability and Design at Artemis Education, explains,

"We believe education for the next generation includes a responsibility to leave our children a better planet. As educators, we must equip our students for life in the 21st century with an understanding of the impact that we as individuals, collectively as communities and broadly as society has on our planet."

How does Artemis Education create sustainable schools?

The Artemis Promise starts from conception with the school design, to create sustainable and efficient buildings that harness the power of natural resources and keep carbon use as naturally low as possible. In addition to calculating the carbon generated during the schools' construction, Artemis Education incorporates sustainability in the children's curriculum, to pass on critical knowledge to the next generation and leave them a better legacy. Artemis Education’s campuses act as learning laboratories where the children learn first-hand what impact their schools and the ongoing operations have on their environment and what measures they are able to take to reduce that.  

 As a result of these efforts, the Lisboan International School is gaining

BREEAM certification

. BREEAM is the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for a

sustainable built environment


BREEAM has revolutionised the way buildings are developed. The rigorous assessment evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operational phases of a building against a range of targets based on performance benchmarks. Each category focuses on the most influential factors, including reduced carbon emissions, low-impact design, adaption to climate change, ecological value and biodiversity protection. This certification is a strong recognition that every built environment can have a positive impact on the local community and, in turn, the global community.

Artemis Education, The Lisboan International School

Artemis Education - The Lisboan International School

How does Artemis Education invest in Nature? 

After measuring the carbon footprint of all its buildings and operation, the education group invests in

Earthly's accredited nature-based solutions

to balance its carbon impact.

Together with Artemis Education and the school builders, Earthly works on calculating the footprint of the construction and ongoing running costs to create a carbon removal strategy that meets the group’s sustainability goals. For the Northview International School in Qatar, for example, we calculated the emissions and put together a carbon removal strategy based on science-backed nature-based solutions. 

Through Earthly, Artemis Education invests in nature-based projects such as Kasigau Corridor, in Kenya’s Tsavo East and Tsavo West national parks, helping 5,000 local landowners to preserve a migration corridor vital for endangered species by banning the destructive use of forest resources. The project was chosen specifically for its focus on education. So far, it’s helped create 300 jobs, build 15 new schools, and contributed to bursaries that support children’s education through their school, university and special care establishments.

Lorenzo Curci,

co-founder and CCO at Earthly, explains,

“It is so amazing to work with Artemis as the relationship encapsulates so much of what we want to achieve at Earthly. By balancing the business emission with trusted projects and using Earthly’s visual tools, not only can we ensure the business aligns to net zero goals, but we can also help students and future generations to understand the power of nature-based solutions.”