Automated investment

Integrate Earthly into your business

Earthly connects your website or app directly to nature so you automatically contribute to saving the planet with each customer purchase.

Want to involve customers in your climate action?

Our smooth integration means your investments in nature scale with your company's growth. Fully incorporated, it will run automatically and you can explore your progress on your personal dashboard.

Easy as API

How it works

Smart tech made simple. Just tell us which action you want to reward and we’ll make it happen.

  1. Setup Goals

    Decide what you want to incentivise – click, purchase, booking, sign up - anything!

  2. Connect to Nature

    Plug our API into your app, website or product. Every action will trigger positive support for nature.

  3. Share Progress

    See your impact on our immersive 3D platform – then share it with your users and the world.

Looking to access Earthly's sandbox API?

Earthly Reputation


Showcase your commitment to our planet’s future and make customers feel good about buying from and interacting with you.



Attract new customers – and show returning customers you'll go above and beyond for them.



Our custom integration is easy to install and a seamless experience for customers. The simplest way to upgrade your tech – and your sustainability.

impact icon


Earthly API makes it easy for your customers to restore nature. Their collective action creates to a powerful compound impact for your business.

No tech? No problem.

Don’t have the tech to connect?

Offset your impact instantly or set up a subscription for nature-based projects in our Marketplace. If you have something more custom in mind, we're open to ideas and love a good challenge. Want to reward customers for physical product purchases? or add an Earthly QR code to encourage consumer action? We’ve got you.

Let's talk

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Track and share your positive impact

All Earthly customers receive resources and support, including an impact dashboard that can be shared with employees, customers, partners, etc. and help to bring your investments to life.

Customers also receive a communication resource kit with guidance, content, and images that can be shared with their community on email, Social, and your website. The kit helps you accurately communicate your climate journey and inspire others to take action.

Bringing value to businesses all over the world

From startups to multinationals, more and more businesses are becoming Climate Positive and regenerating the planet. Make a difference. Invest in Nature.

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