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Restore nature.

Reverse climate change.

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This Global Code of Conduct (“Code”) is designed to familiarize Owkin employees (“You”) with the missions, values, and expected conducts of Owkin, Inc. and its subsidiaries (Owkin France, Owkin UK Ltd, Owkin Switzerland (SARL)) (“Owkin” or “Us” or the “Company”).  Although the Code is not a contract and is not intended to create any expressed or implied contractual obligations, You are required to read and understand the provisions of the Code. Circumstances will undoubtedly require that the policies, practices, and benefits described in the Code change from time to time. Accordingly, Owkin reserves the right to revise, modify, rescind, delete, or add to the provisions of this Code in its sole and absolute discretion. Owkin will attempt to provide You with notification of such changes when they occur. No oral statements or representations can, in any way, change or alter the provisions of this Code. 

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