About Us

Earthly is a global movement led by experts and businesses, in partnership with nature.

Our Team

The faces behind Earthly

We are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, all inspired by a vision of a planet where businesses work in partnership with nature, not against it.

Together we’re leading a global movement - The Natural Revolution - to remove carbon, restore nature and reverse climate breakdown.

Meet Us

Our core team

The faces behind Earthly

  • Olivia Crowe

    Research Associate

  • Lorenzo Curci


  • Mariana Delgado

    Head of Sales

  • Iris Beswick

    Carbon Analytics

  • David Inkpen

    Lead Developer

  • Oliver Bolton


  • Sophie Rizan


  • Andras Dako

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Banashree Thapa


  • Marcus Juniper

    Data Scientist

  • Boris Zhelev

    Software Engineer