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Make a difference by investing in nature-based solutions that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of the communities most impacted by climate change.

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Earthly projects spotlight

From mangroves in Madagascar to forests in Peru, our projects are handpicked for their carbon-busting power and ability to restore biodiversity while also improving the livelihoods of local communities. You can choose to support multiple nature-based projects. Investing in causes you care about, and taking action to protect nature now.


Agroforestry - Kenya: an excellent example of how action for nature can be rooted in community development

Young mangrove forest © Eden Reforestation Projects

Mangrove Restoration - Madagascar: Mangroves pack a punch for carbon sequestration and also provide many other natural benefits

some people in the sea swimming

Seaweed Farming - Cornwall: an incredibly clean and efficient way to remove carbon, increase biodiversity and create sustainable products


Forest Protection - Brazil: support pioneering in sustainable forest management for one of the few forest areas remaining in this region.

BRITISH CANNABIS™-earthday-post.jpeg

Peatland Protection - Indonesia: help protect one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world.

Why Earthly?

Maximise your impact

Businesses of all sizes choose Earthly to make a positive impact. We provide access to the world's highest quality nature based projects for businesses to mitigate carbon emissions, while meeting their environmental and social goals.

We not only help our customers take effective action, we also help them inspire their employees, partners, and customers. Our visual tools, like the 3D island, enable you to share your positive impact across your website, social channels, emails, etc.

Earthly Impact Dashboard

“Earthly makes it easy for us to see the exact impact that our investment in nature-based projects have on people and the environment.”

Gemma Branney, Head of ESG

“What I love about Earthly is that they not only helped us with carbon analytics, but also our wider report. We could offset our footprint by supporting a project in the Amazon.”

Laura Rudoe, CEO

“Earthly is an integral part of our mission to embed sustainability into our schools & inspire our students as well as their parents and the local communities.”

Lexi Lloyd Owen, Head of Sustainability

By partnering with Earthly, we have had the opportunity to invest in a nature-based solution that makes an immediate difference.

Lauren Mucklow, Managing Partner

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Choose your preferred project(s) or select a bundle that incorporate multiple projects. All projects have a high impact and exceed our minimum standards. You have the option to select only projects that provide carbon credits by filtering on a specific verification standard.

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All the projects listed in the Earthly Marketplace meet our minimum standards for carbon + biodiversity + social benefits.

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