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We want to spread the word about nature-based solutions: what they are, and why businesses are in the best position to invest in them for a better future.

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Earthly is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists. We benefit from the support of an independent advisory board with roots across academia and the climate industry. We also work with experts from diverse projects around the world.

We want to harness this huge pool of knowledge, talent and experience to create resources that help customers understand the world of carbon removal, nature-based solutions and beyond.


Delivering on climate, biodiversity and people

Explaining Earthly's innovative project scoring assessment. We aim to address the lack of transparency in the VCM by providing a detailed indication of a project’s potential to deliver an impact on three vital pillars: climate, biodiversity and people.

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Unpacking nature-based solutions

Transforming into a net-zero economy takes time and effort. Investing in nature-based solutions is one key initiative all businesses can take to help reduce climate change and its effects. In fact, 'nature-based solutions can contribute to 37% of the climate mitigation needed by 2030'.

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