We are Earthly

This is the
Natural Revolution.

The industrial revolution has a lot to answer for. Sure, it gave us cars, and trains, and electricity. But it also gave us pollution – and climate change.

So we’re starting another revolution.
A Natural Revolution.

With people who want to work with nature, not against it. Who want to break new ground, blaze a new trail, and create a better kind of Earth.

Backed by science, and led by the world’s most ambitious businesses, the Natural Revolution will lead the charge against climate change.

Invest in the environment. Counter industrial impacts with natural solutions. And work together to support and promote nature. So we can undo the damage caused by 200 years of industry. And create a climate-positive planet.

Are you with us?

The natural revolution is led by progressive businesses. Businesses who are taking responsibility for their impacts and standing up to fight for our future. Will you be one of them?

Join the revolution

Our Team

Olivia Crowe

Research Associate


Boris Zhelev

Software Engineer


Veselin Stamenov

Software Engineer


Lorenzo Curci



Oliver Bolton



Luke Tobin


Giant Redwood

Iris Beswick

Carbon Analytics


Sophie Rizan


Japanese Maple

Fatima Mahommed

Social & Community


Maisie Bamford



Rafal Gemza


Silver Birch

Jack Bee



Kathleen Hodges

Social & Community

Cherry Blossom

David Inkpen

Lead Developer


Mariana Delgado

Head of Sales


The world’s greatest innovators

Earthly is proud to be part of accelerators and networks run by some of the world's most exciting, future-focused organisations.

Our Advisors

Julian Harris

Technical product leader for 25+ years, inc. 9 years Google, 2.5 years CognitionX

Chris Young

Technologist for 22+ years, led development at BBC, ITV, Deutsche Telecom

Chris Banks

Creative director with 11+ years experience, inc. FIIT, Onwards, People-Made, Heavenly

Emily Jeffrey-Barrett

Creative strategy for 10+ years, inc. Companies for Good, Onwards, Radley Yeldar

Erik Christofferson

Managing Director at Tiedmann Advisors, 25+ years in strategy, fundraising & sales inc. IBM

Tom Weller PhD

Innovation Analyst at Evenlode Investment Management, PhD Condensed Matter Physics, MSci Physics with Space Science

Benjamin Bolton

Marketing director for 10+ years, inc. 5 years Google, & 4 years at Tubular Labs

Jade Bouhmouch

Lead strategy & finance at Google, Bankers without Boundaries member

A network of natural solution partners

Our partners help us invest where the earth needs it most. We’re working with groundbreaking organisations who understand how nature works – and provide the natural solutions we need to slow and stop climate change.