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We understand how your choice of carbon credits can impact your business and brand reputation. That's why all Earthly projects must pass a rigorous assessment.

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We work exclusively with high-quality nature-based projects that pass our 106 data point assessment. Our methodology is an industry-first, evaluating across carbon, biodiversity and people to measure a project's full potential.

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We can help you invest in the right projects that will make a positive impact for both you and the planet.

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Earthly’s mission is to remove 1Gt of carbon by 2030 by helping companies invest effective projects that remove carbon, restore nature and improve livelihoods. We work with businesses to accelerate their net-zero strategy to help reach our 2050 climate goals.

As part of the Earthly community of climate-conscious businesses, you can support high integrity, science-backed project solutions and take advantage of our impact dashboard and other tools to show the value of your investment.

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