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Webinar Episode #08

Investing in nature:

The challenges and rewards for businesses & sustainability teams

The last week of June is London Climate Action Week and the conversation on climate will be louder than ever. There’s a wealth of events happening in London and online and Earthly are hoping to bring our voice to the table.

We're bringing together a panel of Earthly's most inspiring partners and customers, to hear about their experiences and learn from their practical advice.

We'll be asking:

  • What factors motivate your company to become more sustainable?

  • What are the main challenges you’ve faced so far - and how have you overcome them?

  • Are there any further challenges you anticipate arising?

  • What are the successes you’ve already seen from taking climate action as a business?

  • What future benefits do you expect to see?

  • What advice would you give to businesses who want to become more sustainable?

26th June 2023

Planet Earthly: Episode 08

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Our expert panel features:

Vikki Leach - Senior Director, DEI & Sustainability King

Luke Tobin - CEO & Co-founder, Digital Ethos

Antonia Parker - Operations Manager, MPG

Steven McColl - Investment Partner, Soho Green

Flora Hudson-Evans - Director of HR, Aspect Capital

The Planet Earthly Webinar Series

As companies around the world focus on reducing their carbon footprints and mitigating damage to the environment, many struggle to find the right solutions to support their goals. The Earthly webinar series brings together panels of experts to provide insights and answer questions that help businesses identify and select impactful nature-based solutions.