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Balancing 110% of unavoidable carbon emissions to earn the Earthly Certified Event badge will show your attendees and sponsors your commitment to making a positive impact.

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Sustainable events consider the environment and work to combat negative impact, adopting eco-friendly practices such as recycling, reducing printing and plastic, serving locally sourced food, encouraging eco-friendly travel, and saving water.

As companies focus on reducing their footprint and building their sustainable efforts, Earthly offers solutions to help organisers run successful events that are good for business and good for the environment.

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Reduce & Balance

We can help you calculate your footprint for events of over 100 attendees and advise you on how you can reduce it. We follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-01 standard.

Once the event footprint is determined, we provide recommendations on how to reduce it. You earn the Earthly Event badge by removing 110% of your event footprint through our nature-based projects.

Earthly World

Automate Investment

Restore nature, help reverse climate change, and demonstrate true climate leadership by integrating nature into event registration. With automated investment, you can distinguish your event and help attract client-conscious businesses.

By embedding nature into event registration, you’re allowing attendees the option to offset their own footprint and helping them to invest in nature.

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Show Your Impact

We offer powerful tools to bring your climate efforts to life that help attract and engage your attendees.

Every Earthly customer received an impact dashboard where you can track the progress of your investments through the impact dashboard and receive regular updates & video content from the projects you invest in.

Earthly Certified Event customers also receive a badge to display it on your website, app, and Social channels, etc.

Partner with Earthly

We also offer a secure API integration to embed nature investment into your registration process. Schedule a chat with our team to learn more about our event solutions.

Customer Success: Blue Earth Summit

The Blue Earth Summit brings together business as a force for good - driven by a love of nature and innovation.

Through the Earthly marketplace, they created a bundle of projects that balanced the footprint of 4,000 attendees through a mix of local and global nature-based projects, including agroforestry in Kenya and seaweed farming in the UK.

Attendees are able to learn more and track their positive impact through Blue Earth Summit's impact dashboard and 3D island.

Blue Earth Summit carbon footprint


New to nature-based solutions and not sure how they compare to other projects? We've got a great ebook to help you learn more. Download Unpacking Nature-based Solutions today.