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Earthly partners with purpose-led organisations like Blue Earth Summit to help them invest in high-quality nature-based solutions.

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Earthly helped to offset the unavoidable impacts of the event, through a mix of nature-based projects that remove carbon, restore biodiversity, and improve livelihoods.

Our high-quality projects have been assessed on 106 data points across 3 key pillars: carbon, biodiversity, and people. By aggregating information from several data partners, including BeZero and Google Earth Engine, the fully transparent assessment ensures that you can maximise the impact of your investment in nature.

Special Blue Earth Summit Offers

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Showing positive impact

All Earthly solutions include an impact dashboard to showcase your positive efforts. We make it easy to share your climate journey with employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

To get even more engagement from your stakeholders, you can opt for the Earthy Island. With just 1 click, take a virtual tour and see a visual representation of the projects that you are backing all around the world, including an overview of the co-benefits, size, and location.

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Businesses of all sizes partner with Earthly because our proven, science-backed natural solutions help them go beyond net-zero to become Climate Positive.