Businesses Urged To Join The ‘Natural Revolution’

06 Jan, 2021

Businesses Urged To Join The ‘Natural Revolution’

Startups Magazine

featured Earthly as a tech platform providing businesses with a new way to lead the fight against climate change – it’s an encouraging read and exposes our clear message.

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With more and more businesses committing to carbon-neutrality and becoming climate positive, they explain how Earthly provide guidance in short and long term steps to help businesses become climate positive by recommending natural climate solutions – assets such as mangroves and forests that remove carbon naturally.

The end goal is for businesses to remove more carbon than they’re emitting, through measuring, reducing and ultimately removing their carbon impact.

Olly explains in the article how “Each one of our nature-based solutions is supported by our own extra layer of satellite verification. This means you can trust that your investment is providing the environmental and carbon reduction benefits you require.”

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