Climate Positive Custom Integration

Ruuby partners with Earthly to Give Beauty a Green Makeover

Founded in 2015 by Venetia Archer, named on the Forbes 30 under 30 List for Retail and Ecommerce, Ruuby offers five-star service to private clients, corporates, hotel groups, and luxury concierge services. With over 600 professionals at your disposal, Ruuby guarantees world-class treatments using brands such as Shu Uemura, Aromatherapy Associates, Dr. Barbara Sturm and Murad to name a few.

For every booking made, Ruuby will be planting a mangrove tree on behalf of its clients. The partnership with Earthly supports the Madagascar Project, run by the Eden Reforestation Programme. This significant step is the first in Ruuby’s commitment to managing its carbon footprint as a company and creating a sustainable future.

To date the Madagascar Project:

* Has planted over 334 million trees across 8 countries * Has created 3.3 million days of work for local communities * Aims to plant 500 million trees each year by 2050

Venetia Archer, founder of Ruuby, said: “We are thrilled about this partnership, as we feel that it is our responsibility to minimise the carbon impact as much as possible and as soon as possible. We are at the beginning of our sustainability journey, and we are delighted to take our customers with us.”

Earthly is the most effective way for businesses to remove carbon, restore nature and reverse climate breakdown. The certified B Corp platform makes it easy for businesses to invest in the most effective nature-based solutions and showcases their positive impact through engaging data visualisation. Backed by science, and led by the world’s most ambitious businesses, the Natural Revolution will lead the charge against climate change.

Oliver Bolton, founder of Earthly, said: “At Earthly, we are committed to helping businesses to join the ‘natural revolution’ and invest in the fight against climate change. Our science-backed natural solutions help businesses such as Ruuby to begin the journey into understanding their carbon impact.

The beauty industry produces enormous amounts of waste, chemicals and carbon both directly and indirectly through its supply chain. Our immersive platform makes it easy for businesses to be transparent about what they are doing to counteract this and to share their positive impact in real-time.”