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Embedded Sustainability

Integrating Earthly directly into your financial products or services enables your business and your clients to increase business value and build competitive advantages by embedding climate action into every transaction.

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Carbon Accounting

No industry has the potential to drive more positive impact than financial services. Even small banks and lenders can drive massive changes by enabling their customers' sustainability efforts.

Financiers around the world are embracing their pivotal role, stepping up their own sustainability efforts while also helping their customers decarbonise and accelerate their paths to net-zero.

Financials service providers like MetLife, Lemonade and LaCaixa Bank partner with Earthly to integrate nature and engage their customers in accelerating their climate journey.

Earthly Reports


If you haven't yet worked with a trusted third-party for carbon accounting, Earthly can help you with this critical first step. We have developed a carbon accounting tool to help calculate your business footprint for Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Our Business Emissions Tool follows the guidance of the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1:2018 and is constantly evolving based on the latest science.



As you decarbonise, our nature-based solutions can complement a reduction strategy, going beyond to offset unavoidable carbon emissions while also restoring biodiversity and improving livelihoods

With our Climate Positive Certification, you can demonstrate that you’ve balanced 110% of your business' footprint.

Earthly Sustainable eCommerce


By integrating Earthly into your website, app, or point of purchase through our secure API, you can align business value with your sustainability efforts.

LaCaixa Bank, and other Earthly customers, have increased customer engagement by as much as 46% with automated investment.

Climate journey megaphone


Engaging employees, customers and partners is a critical step that can't be overlooked or downplayed.

Simply put, people are far more likely to support climate action if they know the real impact of the projects you're investing in.

Earthly offers storytelling and communication resources that help you to demonstrate your positive impact.

Creating value for businesses all over the world:

  • S&P Global x Earthly
  • MetLife x Earthly
  • Lemonade x Earthly
  • Savills x Earthly
  • Innocent Drinks x Earthly
  • King Activision x Earthly

Project Assessment

Ensuring that the projects you invest in deliver impact is critical for your brand reputation and business goals. Read about how Earthly's scoring methodology looks at how a project really impacts climate, biodiversity and people.

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