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Help build a better planet. Partner with Earthly to remove carbon, restore nature and help support livelihoods.

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Solutions that support your environmental and social goals

We support the immense potential of the sports and gaming industries to lead the charge towards a sustainable future. We are dedicated to empowering leagues and teams to take effective climate action that not only ensures long-term viability but also enhances your reputation as an eco-conscious organisation.

Earthly World

High-quality projects

All Earthly nature-based projects are selected for their carbon-busting power and focus on supporting invaluable ecosystems.

To help you select high-quality projects we provide the only holistic assessment that looks across carbon, biodiversity and people to measure a project's full potential, analysing 106 data points, aggregating information from data partners like BeZero and Google Earth Engine.

Earthly Sustainable eCommerce

Automated action

Maximise your positive impact by embedding Earthly.

Link nature investments directly to ticket purchases, event attendance, or other key milestones.

By integrating Earthly's secure API, you can inspire employees and fans to support sustainability efforts and maximise your positive impact.

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Earthly Sustainable eCommerce

Responsible events

Whether you are holding an event or have established the emissions of your stadium, team or travel we can help you to invest in nature-based solutions to give back to the planet

We help ensure your events are good for business and good for the environment.

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Carbon Footprint

Customer story: Gaming

MPG: Planet & People first

Creating games alongside some of the largest games studios in the world, The Multiplayer Group (MPG) specialises in outsourced gaming solutions. Dedicated to local communities, education, and sustainability, they selected Earthly to support their commitment to giving back by balancing their carbon footprint and investing in high-quality nature-based solutions.

Each year MPG works with Earthly to become Climate Positive and select nature-based solutions that contribute to their UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Become climate positive

Customer story: Sports

Formula E World Champions Envision Racing

Envision Racing care passionately about our planet. They embed Earthly on their website to bring fans along on their climate journey helping them to measure their footprint and set reduction goals like reduce water consumption, invest in electric vehicles, eat a more plant-based diet, etc.

Envision encourages climate action by planting a tree per pledge and supports our tree planting project in Madagascar through their efforts.

Mangroves Project in Madagascar, Eden Reforestation