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Offering Earthly’s nature-based projects as part of your rewards program for customers, employees or partners is a great way to show your commitment to creating a better world.

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Earthly Rewards
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Build trust. Inspire loyalty. Save the Earth.

With every reward you can support nature-based solutions that remove carbon, restore biodiversity, and support social programs that improve the livelihoods of local communities. It’s a simple and effective addition to your rewards program that will inspire your community and support your ESG goals.


High-quality Projects

From mangroves in Madagascar to forests in Peru, all our projects are handpicked for their high quality and approved by our Scientific Advisory Board.

To ensure results, we provide a holistic assessment that looks across carbon, biodiversity and people to measure a project's full potential. We analyse 106 data points, aggregating information from data partners like BeZero and Google Earth Engine.

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Increased Engagement

Showing positive impact is a critical part of your plans that cannot be overlooked or downplayed. It's important to be accurate, transparent and inspiring.

Earthly offers storytelling and communication resources to help engage your employees, customers, partners, etc. Our innovative tools, like the 3D island and impact dashboard, help you visualise your positive efforts and track results.

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SDG Goals

Regardless of size or industry, every company can contribute to the SDGs. Adding Earthly to your rewards program is an easy and effective way to contribute to multiple SDG goals.

Our projects focus on carbon removals, food security, healthcare, waste reduction, and clean water, amongst others. If you would like to contribute to specific benefits, our team can help you identify the right project that aligns with your needs. 

Earth Day Special Offer!

Sign-up by May 22nd and get a free Earthly Island created for your brand, to visualise the projects your rewards program has invested in. You'll also get 10% off other investments in nature for one month.

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Engaging visualisation tools

As an Earthly rewards customer, you will receive resources and support that help bring your contributions to life, including an impact dashboard that can be shared with employees, customers, partners, etc.

Customers also receive a communication resource kit with guidance, content, and images that can be shared with their community on email, socials, and your website.

Why nature-based solutions?

Businesses are increasingly investing in nature-based projects and helping to unlock their full potential. In addition to supporting a wide spectrum of SDG goals, these high impact projects can contribute to 37% of the climate mitigation needed by 2030.

Nature-based projects not only support biodiversity, they also benefit people and local communities, creating socio-economic opportunities, providing health and wellbeing benefits, offering new and environmentally sustainable jobs, etc.

Project Spotlight: Rimba Riya

Rimba Riya is one of the high-quality projects available and among the most popular. It is a remarkable project that meets all 17 SDG Goals.

The project is protecting one of the world's most highly endangered ecosystems, including 120 threatened and endangered species.

These goals are focused on ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all.

It has also provided employment and improved healthcare for 9,000 people, 55% of whom are women.

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Project Spotlight: Woodland Restoration

Woodland Restoration - Devon

Culm Moor Nature Reserve is a great example of how local actions can make a positive contribution, helping to address biodiversity loss and remove carbon from the atmosphere. The project aims to create a resilient forest that will support a diversity of plant and animal life.

To add plant diversity, the project will introduce fruit-bearing trees like spindle and crab apple which maximize pollen, nectar and fruit availability for wildlife.

The stable woodlands will also be a resource for the local community- they improve local air quality and groundwater retention, slow down water runoff and regulate rain cycles. Reconnecting fragmented habitat increases biodiversity and ecosystem resilience, improving the provision of ecosystem services.

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Who we are

Earthly's high integrity, science-backed project marketplace of nature-based projects helps businesses remove carbon, restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods around the world. 

We offer innovative solutions, including automated investment, which allows companies to link specific actions to investments in nature. Our visualisation tools enable businesses to showcase their positive impact.

Helping businesses make a positive impact

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