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Webinar Episode #10

Beyond carbon:

We explore the results of our global consumer co-benefits survey

Businesses are increasingly investing in nature-based projects that have an impact beyond carbon and provide additional benefits to our planet. But there are so many potential benefits - from biodiversity to health, education and employment - that it is hard to choose which projects are the best investment.

Our survey was designed to highlight the areas consumers believe business should be prioritising, across carbon, biodiversity and social.

For this conversation, we brought together a group of experts to look at the range of co-benefits the best carbon projects offer. In addition, we also discussed how businesses can recognise which projects align with their values the most.

This webinar is an ideal listen for companies wondering which nature-based or carbon-removal projects they should support.

oliver bolton headshot

Oliver Bolton

Co-Founder & CEO of Earthly, and Advisor on the International Advisory Panel on Biodiversity Credits

Hannah Reid

Independent consultant working on climate change, biodiversity, poverty and development

Olivia Crowe

PhD student at Imperial Centre for Environmental Policy and nature-based solutions specialist developing approaches to scale nature conservation and sustainable development