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Blue Earth Summit

Earthly helped to offset the unavoidable impacts of the event, through a mix of nature-based projects that remove carbon, restore biodiversity, and improve livelihoods.

Making a positive impact close to home

The Blue Earth Summit brings together business as a force for good - driven by a love of nature and the outdoors. The idea for the event was born out of Devon and a strong connection to the ocean is clear throughout. For these reasons, investing in seaweed agriculture in Devon and Cornwall was the perfect alignment for Blue Earth Summit.

Climate Solutions

As a climate-conscious organisation, much was considered when taking the event's impact into account. However, after reducing emissions, some impact is unavoidable.

We worked with Blue Earth Summit to calculate the carbon footprint of their event - everything from how attendees will travel to Bristol, to how much tea will be drank!

Through the Earthly marketplace, we created a bundle of projects for the Summit to support and sequester the appropriate amount of carbon.

Join the our community and invest in nature to make a positive impact locally and around the world!

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Seaweed Farming Innovation, United Kingdom

Seaweed has been shown to sequester six times the amount of carbon, compared to that of land, plants or trees. It grows quickly and requires no fertilisers, land, feed or waste management. The project is also working on the creation of bio-alternatives to fuel, packaging, materials, cattle feed and fertiliser - reducing both carbon and methane emissions.

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Rainforest Protection, The Congo

This project not only benefits the environment, through protecting forests and wetlands, but also the local community, supporting five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Engaging the local community helps bring about long-lasting and effective results.

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Mangrove Tree Planting, Madagascar

Madagascar has lost over 90% of its native forest cover, so restoration efforts are critical. Luckily, Mangrove forests pack a punch when it comes to carbon sequestration. What's more, they also provide a variety of other natural benefits such as storm surge protection and vital habitat for many rare species.

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Agroforestry, Kenya

This project combines agroforestry and sustainable development to empower subsistence farmers with the technical know-how to protect their lands from the impacts of climate change. Farmers will receive carbon revenue by planting and caring for native trees, which also protect their land and farms from extreme weather events and improve the local biodiversity.

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The results so far

Offsetting the carbon footprint of the event allows Blue Earth Summit to show action in line with their values. The events industry faces significant challenges associated with energy consumption and single-use infrastructure. Blue Earth Summit is able to lead by example and give back to nature, in line with their success and growing attendee list.

The Blue Earth Summit is the only place where you can change into a wetsuit and then (maybe!) change the world... Where else can you sit in the line-up for your next wave alongside inventors and entrepreneurs? Maybe head out in a peloton with investors? Or lace up your shoes and hit the trails alongside CEOs?