Earthly Named In Europe’s Top 25 Climate Start-ups

Oliver Bolton

17 Nov, 2020

Earthly Named In Europe’s Top 25 Climate Start-ups

Business Insider asked a number of notable investors in the cleantech space to provide their picks of companies addressing climate change to watch in 2020. Oliver Bolton, founder of Earthly featured in their news roundup of the 25 most innovative startups tackling climate change in Europe.

The Business Insider featured why Earthly is hot in 2020: “Earthly works with businesses including Garnier, The Body Shop and Planet Organic, helping them to invest in projects that protect, restore and re-establish crucial ecosystems like forests, peatlands, mangroves and seabeds. Each project is vetted by an independent scientific board and progress is monitored bySatellite.”

Climate change is real and tech startups are trying to rise to the challenge of stopping it. Amongst Earthly, other notable startups included Zeigo, Tomorrow, BYBI and many others.

Zeigo is an online platform that connects corporations with renewable energy projects globally through PPAs [power purchase agreements], green energy contracts and renewable energy.

Germany-based Tomorrow is the world’s first sustainable mobile banking provider.

BYBI is a skincare and beauty brand, established BYBI to create a cosmetics business that could lead the clean revolution in the beauty industry without compromising on quality products.

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