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Discover the new Earthly Plans

Maximise your business' impact over time, with continued support from Earthly's team of experts. Watch the recording of our latest demo and Q&A.

Latest demo recording: Tuesday 5th December

Tip: if you already know about us, skip to 08:54 where Tom introduces the plans

What does the demo cover?

The Earthly plans mean that, not only do we help you pick the perfect nature-based solutions to support, we help you share your sustainability journey, build a comms plan around it and even up-skill your team with planning, feedback and learning sessions. 

We hosted this demo to explain the difference between our Starter, Standard and Complete plans, and all the features within them including:

  • Your climate, biodiversity & social impact dashboard

  • Individual project impact scores and assessment data

  • Bespoke marketing & learning sessions for your workforce

  • The virtual Earthly Island

  • Marketing and comms templates and how-tos

  • Project updates, images and videos

  • Bespoke project sourcing opportunities

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