Earthly’s Carbon Footprint 2019-2020

Earthly Admin

07 Oct, 2020

Earthly’s Carbon Footprint 2019-2020

Calculating our own carbon footprint has been key for us and although it might be small we wanted to lead the revolution by removing our impact by 10X. Our overall annual footprint for 2019/2020 came in at 6.25 tonnes. We appreciate that we are a small start-up with a small team, and we have all been working from home since March so we anticipate that this will grow. But for now, we are pretty pleased with this small footprint, and would love to get it down for 2020/21 if possible.

We have put together a report on our footprint which you can download here:

Earthly Annual Carbon Footprint

. We wanted to be very transparent about the assumptions we have made which include an estimated full laptop charge of once a day per employee and that our general waste goes to landfill.

The largest portion of our emissions came from scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions within our value chain) contributing 4.39 tonnes to our footprint. This mainly came from flights we had to take because we belonged to an accelerator in Europe.

We will continue to monitor our footprint each year as well as publishing our impact reports so that we can stay on top of the impact we are having. As we grow we know that our footprint is likely to grow with us but we will continue to make changes and keep our impact as low as possible.