carbon credits

Go beyond carbon offsetting

Invest in high impact nature-based projects that complement a reduction strategy and go beyond offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions to also restore biodiversity & improve livelihoods.

Earthly Rewards

More than just offsetting

Earthly allows you to choose your projects, filtering by co-benefits such as education, water security, endangered species protection and empowering women.

Confidence in carbon credits

Not all carbon credits are equal. We only work with independently verified projects that are further assessed and approved by our independent scientific board.

Where to start

Whether you're just getting your company's climate journey, or looking to increase your current action, we will help calculate the carbon impact of your business or activity, then align you with the best projects to invest in.

Earthly’s mission is to remove 1Gt of carbon by 2030, by helping companies invest in nature.

Funding for nature-based solutions (NbS) such as protecting rainforests and peatlands has been scarce, with a $530 billion annual gap if we aim to achieve 2050 climate goals. 

As part of the Earthly community of responsible businesses, you can help to close the gap and support high integrity, science-backed project solutions that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods.

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