Become a Climate Positive Business

Complement your reduction strategy by going beyond carbon neutral. Balance 110% of your business impact through nature-based solutions to earn a certification as a Climate Positive Business.

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Why climate positive?

Because carbon neutral isn't enough. Businesses all over the world are becoming Climate Positive to increase their positive impact, share it with the world, and encourage their employees, customers, and partners to do the same.

As you work to reduce your carbon footprint, earning the Climate Positive certification shows your commitment to balancing those unavoidable emissions by going beyond to remove 110%.

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How does it work?

  1. Work out your impact

    We'll help you calculate your current carbon impact and suggest ways to reduce it.

  2. Find the right solution

    Choose a high-quality, science-backed project that aligns to your business goals. All our projects help to remove carbon, restore nature, and improve livelihoods to ensure you can maximise your positive impact.

  3. Invest in nature

    Remove 110% of your footprint and earn the Climate Positive certification. Through your impact dashboard you can promote your positive impact to your employees, customers, partners, etc.

Earthly's carbon accounting methodologies have been verified by Carbon Action for meeting ISO standard 14064-1:2018

Earthly Climate Positive Business

Earthly's carbon accounting methodologies have been verified by Carbon Action for meeting ISO standard 14064

Earthly Revenue


The tide has turned and brands are measured on their commitment to sustainable business.

73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products and 60% of Gen Z prefer to buy from sustainable brands.

Earthly Reputation


Net zero commitments have gone mainstream.

Governments, investors, employees, partners and customers require that businesses communicate their plans and show real progress toward reaching their commitments.

Earthly Results


It's critical to avoid those 85% of carbon-reduction projects that have had little to no impact on CO2 reduction.

The Climate Positive certification demonstrates investment in high-quality projects that remove carbon, but also restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods.

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Get started or get more info by talking to our Earthly Experts. They’ll walk you through everything and answer all your questions before starting your journey to certification.

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Bringing value to businesses all over the world

From startups to multinationals, more and more businesses are becoming Climate Positive and regenerating the planet. Make a difference. Invest in Nature.

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