Earthly Island

Show your impact

The Earthly Island is an engaging way to visualise and share your positive impact and bring your investments in nature to life.

Demonstrate the value of your investments in nature to customers, employees, partners and investors. Share and explore the impact and growth of the projects you've supported.

Show your positive impact

With just one click, take a virtual tour and see a visual representation of the projects that you are backing all around the world, including an overview of the co-benefits, size, and location.

With your Island, it’s easy to share the efforts you’re making in sustainability!

  • Immersive Earthly Island to visualise your investments in nature

  • Visualise, share, and explore the value of your investments

  • Raise awareness of your positive impact on climate, people and biodiversity

  • The more you invest in nature the larger your island grows

Customer story

Innocent drinks builds awareness for climate action with Earthly Island

Innocent has big plans to be carbon neutral by 2025. They are leveraging their Earthly Island to engage consumers and retail partners, encouraging them to invest in a mangrove forest project that innocent supports through Earthly.

With every purchase of Innocent smoothies at select locations, a tree is planted. To bring their investment to life, consumers can scan a QR code to explore innocent’s Earthly Island and learn more about their investments.

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