Woodland regeneration - Montgreenan, Scotland

15.2ha of native woodland restoration aimed at carbon sequestration and landscape enhancement in the wider East Ayrshire area in Scotland.


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Montgreenan project
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Project information

Montgreenan project

The Montgreenan project, located in East Ayrshire southwest of Glasgow, is an initiative focusing on creating a native woodland over 15.2 hectares. Its uniqueness lies in its commitment to developing wet woodland habitat. This project not only aims to capture significant amounts of carbon equating to 6,140 tonnes of PIUs (Pending Issuance Units) but also enhances biodiversity restoration through native broadleaf and Scots pine planting, and a holistic nature restoration strategy. This nature-led approach will enable the project area at Montgreenan to undergo a careful restoration, where the land is minimally disturbed yet thoughtfully stewarded. This approach will allow the environment to rejuvenate naturally over a century, positioning Montgreenan as a prime example of ecological restoration and climate change mitigation. By adopting a light touch strategy, a harmonious balance between supporting natural processes and actively managing challenges like invasive species is ensured, demonstrating a model for responsible ecological stewardship.



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Project impact

Local impact

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Project area: East Ayrshire

Montgreenan's significance stems from its strategic location in East Ayrshire, an area that presents an ideal opportunity for restoring wet woodland, a critically endangered ecosystem. Wet woodlands are vital for biodiversity, offering unique habitats for a range of species. However, such ecosystems have been increasingly threatened due to human activities and climate change. Montgreenan addresses this by creating a native woodland that not only preserves but enhances the natural landscape. The project is a response to the broader environmental challenges faced by the region, including habitat loss, declining biodiversity, and the urgent need for carbon sequestration.

By focusing on native broadleaf trees and some Scots Pine, Montgreenan contributes to the reversal of these trends. The project's significance is also rooted in its long-term vision. The 100-year nature-led management plan underscores a commitment to sustainable development and ecological balance. This approach is crucial in an era where short-term gains often overshadow long-term environmental needs. Montgreenan is not just about planting trees; it's about restoring an ecosystem, reviving biodiversity, and creating a blueprint for future conservation efforts. The project's holistic approach sets a precedent for how small-scale initiatives can have a substantial impact on the broader environmental landscape.


Good for earth

The Project employs a comprehensive approach to addressing the drivers impacting biodiversity in East Ayrshire and beyond. Its key initiative is creating a native woodland scheme with a special emphasis on restoring wet woodlands and enhancing global biodiversity. To effectively monitor this, the project has implemented a thorough monitoring and verification plan, focusing on tracking alterations in the existing woodland within each designated stratum. This method is crucial for precisely determining carbon sequestration rates. Furthermore, the project's commitment to the Woodland Carbon Code ensures that its contributions to worldwide carbon offsetting are reliable and officially recognised.

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Positive for people

In a comprehensive survey encompassing 14 European nations, it was found that UK citizens exhibit the lowest levels of connection with the natural world. The Montgreenan project, while primarily focused on ecological restoration, also has significant social implications. One of the key actions of the project is the creation of a biodiverse habitat that not only benefits wildlife but also enhances the local community's connection with nature. By establishing a native woodland, the project provides a natural space for recreation and education, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world among local residents. Additionally, the project's long-term approach to woodland management and conservation education offers opportunities for local employment and volunteer involvement. This engagement not only provides economic benefits but also strengthens community ties and fosters a sense of stewardship towards the environment.

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