Planet Earthly Webinar Series

Insights from our expert panel

Join Oliver Bolton, CEO of Earthly along with Angela Meade of Biome Algae, Jan Verbeek of SeaForester and Daniel Crockett of Blue Marine Foundation

As companies around the world focus on reducing their carbon footprints and mitigating damage to the environment, many struggle to find the right solutions to support their goals. The Earthly webinar series brings together panels of experts to provide insights and answer questions that help businesses identify and select  impactful nature based solutions.

Our upcoming webinar will focus on Seaweed Farming, what it means, the methods involved and how businesses can make the biggest impact by supporting seaweed ecosystems. We'll be joined by panelists to discuss:

- How seaweed/kelp farming works

- The environment impact

- Key projects and developments around the world

- How business can get started and invest in impactful seaweed projects

What To Expect

35 min panel + 25 min Q&A

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