Sharing purpose, progress and avoiding greenwashing: how to get it right?

Climate-conscious businesses, who are taking steps to reduce their impact on the planet, understandably want to share their progress. These updates can inspire others in the industry and help facilitate the collective action we need. But there is increasing scrutiny around how these messages are portrayed.

Communicating your sustainability journey

Our next webinar will focus on how brands can clarify their purpose and confidently communicate their climate progress.

We’ll be joined by an expert panel including:

Carissa Cabrera - Environmental Consultant & Conservationist Collective Founder

Isaac Kenyon - Eco-adventure world-record holder & Energy Transition Analyst

Angela Zhong - Youth Board Member for The Climate Initiative

Shelby Torrence - Chief Marketing Officer at Earthly

The discussion will be centred on how to:

- Define your brand’s purpose

- Use social channels in an authentic way

- Talk about your sustainability journey

There will be plenty of time for a Q&A to discuss your specific challenges.

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Planet Earthly: Episode 05

15th December, 2022

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The Planet Earthly Webinar Series

As companies around the world focus on reducing their carbon footprints and mitigating damage to the environment, many struggle to find the right solutions to support their goals. The Earthly webinar series brings together panels of experts to provide insights and answer questions that help businesses identify and select impactful nature-based solutions.