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Our Mission

We believe the tools are in our hands to reverse climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

That’s where Earthly comes in, a platform designed to help businesses remove carbon, restore nature and support the communities most impacted by climate change. Our mission is to help businesses remove 1 billion tonnes of CO2e by 2030 through nature-based solutions that benefit both people and planet.

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Key Benefits

Why invest in Earthly?

  1. Invest in nature

    We source high-quality nature-based solutions - projects from around the world that have the power to remove carbon whilst also restoring ecosystems - in partnership with local communities most impacted by climate change. These solutions have the power to tackle the climate and ecological crises and can contribute a third of the carbon sequestration needed this decade, yet today only receive a tenth of the funding required to achieve this. Earthly seeks to bridge this funding gap.

  2. Effective solutions

    Earthly provides a trusted marketplace that helps businesses discover and invest in the most effective nature-based solutions. Every project on the platform is vetted using a system approved by our independent scientific board and continually monitored using satellite verification.

  3. Support Naturetech innovation

    Our groundbreaking immersive experience in partnership with multi-Bafta award-winning Alchemy Immersive brings nature-based solutions to life and helps our clients communicate the full impact of their project investments.

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Our Impact

The Story So Far

To date we've helped over 160 businesses with a clear carbon reduction strategy invest in nature - including L'Oreal, CaixaBank, Envision Virgin Racing & Crowdcube. Collectively we've planted almost a million trees!

"It is our great pleasure to work alongside Earthly, who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to helping customers generate real physical results that contribute to the global fight against climate change.”

"Earthly has helped us to easily and effectively deliver on our need to educate & engage fans in our Race Against Climate Change initiative"

“We are excited to be working with Earthly - their innovative 3D visualisation technology really helps bring to life the nature projects we are supporting to balance out our own company CO2 footprint”

We’re negotiating enterprise contracts worth $20M and over 4.5M tonnes of carbon credits

COP27 Climate Tech

Earthly is going global

We are excited to share that Earthly was selected to pitch our Nature Tech solution at COP27 and given the opportunity to showcase its innovative technology to a global audience.

Market Opportunity

With the market for voluntary carbon credits set to grow exponentially from $300m in 2020 to $50bn in 2030 (McKinsey), Earthly is uniquely positioned to help large enterprises and SMEs achieve their net-zero ambitions.

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Join our global movement to remove carbon, restore nature, and reverse climate change

Last summer, we overfunded a £750k pre-seed round on Crowdcube and will shortly be returning for our Seed round with £1.2m successfully raised from institutional investors. Closing this next round will help us with our goals of scaling our technology, reaching new customers and growing our team.


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