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Integrate nature into your business

Investing in voluntary biodiversity credits shows that your business is going beyond just carbon commitments and helping nature thrive.

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Go beyond carbon and support nature directly

The biodiversity crisis is just as critical as the climate crisis. That's why we are proud to offer high-quality, voluntary biodiversity credits (VBC) as a way for businesses to support nature directly.

By supporting biodiversity projects, you will be contributing to the restoration and preservation of our planet's most valuable ecosystems with a focus on healthy soils, clean water and recovering species.

The business & biodiversity blog series: We recently discussed how the newly-emerging biodiversity markets are creating opportunities for business to rethink their relationship with nature.

How voluntary biodiversity credits work to support nature

Business from any sector can voluntarily invest in nature and help support high-impact biodiversity projects. Much like carbon credits, businesses are able to financially support off-site projects that are best positioned to protect and restore threatened or degraded habitats and the wildlife within them.

A voluntary biodiversity credit (VBC) represents an area of land within a project where actions being taken could include: the removal of invasive species improving water flow, sustainable land management, tree planting and even the reintroduction of species. In return, businesses receive the ‘credit’ for their support of this portion of the biodiversity project.

Working with nature, not against it

Companies and governments are stepping up their commitment to nature, and you can too. In many industries, it can be hard to take action to protect or improve nature. Investing in trusted biodiversity credits shows that your business is committed to sustainability and is actively taking steps to combat the biodiversity crisis.

Investing in biodiversity credits is not just about doing good for the planet; it's a smart business strategy that can boost your reputation, protect your assets and contribute to a brighter future.

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Buy voluntary biodiversity credits now

Earthly has built a unique methodology for businesses to support biodiversity. Our UK solution emulates the government-approved Biodiversity Net Gain methodology but fractionalises restoration into areas of 3m squared, providing an easier price point for businesses to offer their support.

Earthly’s voluntary biodiversity credits follow the highest standards and enable businesses to see exactly where they are having an impact thanks to our What3Words location mapping.

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Sell biodiversity credits through Earthly

We empower land managers and proprietors across the United Kingdom in their pursuit of funding for their biodiversity initiatives.

Our community of responsible businesses is ready to support you in your mission for long-term financial backing that guarantees your projects make the substantial impact you envision.

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