Nature Positive: what if businesses not only minimised their impact but also enhanced ecosystems?

There is a new worldview gathering pace among leaders, conservationists and responsible businesses alike: nature positive. This questions, what if our economic activities not only minimise and remove impact, but also restore ecosystems?

Nature Positive Business

With Earth day the following week, webinar looked at what "nature positive" means and why so many governments and businesses are pinning it as their next big goal.

Many businesses have established a plan to hit net zero - and even to become climate neutral - but is neutrality even enough? Progressive businesses are now showing that they are serious about saving the planet, by going beyond reducing or offsetting their impact - by actively helping to restore and protect ecosystems and species for the future.

This is an ideal episode if you or your business are trying to go beyond carbon reduction, or carbon neutral, and want to help address the climate and biodiversity crises simultaneously. The webinar will be suitable for businesses of all scales and also for individuals who want to learn more about what drives and defines 'nature positive'.

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13th April 2023

Planet Earthly: Episode 07

toral shah headshot

Toral Shah has a background in plant taxonomy and evolutionary biology with a focus on East Africa. She is the Biodiversity Coordinator at Plan Vivo Foundation who are leading the development of a new biodiversity certification scheme.

PJ Stephenson

PJ Stephenson, who also sits on Earthly's Scientific Board, is Chair of IUCN's Species Monitoring Specialist Group and Research Fellow at the University of Lausanne. He is also an independent conservation and sustainability consultant.

Davey Richerson

Davey Richerson has been seconded to Business for Nature (BfN) from Accenture’s Talent & Organisation practise to serve as a Business Action Strategy Advisor. Davey supports BfN’s Business Action workstream across a variety of initiatives including the integration of the Get Nature Positive handbook into their Business Action work.

laura rudoe headshot

Laura Rudoe set up Good Ventures in 2008 as an ethical development company with the mission to create organic personal care brands that are a force for good. Under her Good Ventures umbrella Laura has created two natural beauty brands: Evolve Organic Beauty and Adaptology. Laura is also a vital member of our Customer Advisory Board.

oliver bolton headshot

Oliver Bolton is the co-founder and CEO of Earthly. As a ClimateTech entrepreneur, Olly is passionate about reversing climate breakdown, restoring our planet, and leaving a better Earth for future generations. He is an active B Corp Ambassador and enjoys mentoring school children through The Prince's Trust.

The Planet Earthly Webinar Series

As companies around the world focus on reducing their carbon footprints and mitigating damage to the environment, many struggle to find the right solutions to support their goals. The Earthly webinar series brings together panels of experts to provide insights and answer questions that help businesses identify and select impactful nature-based solutions.