Planet Earthly

Webinar Episode #09

Project origination: developing and investing in early-stage nature-based projects

This webinar takes a closer look at our latest climate solution: project origination. It's an essential listen for Heads of Sustainability and other climate champions who are focused on balancing their businesses' impact long-term and at scale.

We're bringing together an expert panel to discuss:

  • What is early-stage project development or 'origination'?

  • In what ways is origination different to just buying carbon credits?

  • How does project origination benefit biodiversity, people and carbon?

  • How would a business know if origination was a good solution for them?

  • What kind of risks and safeguarding issues are involved?

Weds 6th Sept

Planet Earthly: Episode 09

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Giacomo Bartoleschi

Giacomo Bartoleschi

Research Associate


Lorenzo Curci

Co-Founder & CCO


Carbopool - Frederic Olbert

Frederic Olbert

Co-founder & CFO


Green Tank Paola Garcia Nieto

Paola Garcia Nieto

Co-founder & CEO

Green Tank

Jean-Benoit Gregoire Rousseau

Jean-Benoit Gregoire Rousseau


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As companies around the world focus on reducing their carbon footprints and mitigating damage to the environment, many struggle to find the right solutions to support their goals. The Earthly webinar series brings together panels of experts to provide insights and answer questions that help businesses identify and select impactful nature-based solutions.