Support nature-based solutions

Whether you're balancing greenhouse gas emissions or contributing beyond your value chain, we'll help to find high-integrity solutions that match your needs and values.

Reduction + removal

Research shows that the fastest path to net-zero is for business to both reduce and remove their carbon emissions. In fact, companies using carbon credits decarbonise twice as fast as those that do not. Earthly is helping business accelerate their path to net-zero, increase their positive impact, share it with the world, and encourage other businesses to do the same.

Earthly's climate partners

If you're looking for a comprehensive sustainability strategy requiring carbon accounting, Earthly have a network of partners that we can recommend specific to your industry or stage of your sustainability journey.

Invest in nature

How does it work?

  1. Access trustworthy projects

    Only the very best projects pass our industry-leading assessment on their carbon, social and biodiversity credentials.

  2. Discuss your objectives & values

    Contact our team and outline your climate goals and aspirations, as well as the types of projects that align best with your brand.

  3. Invest in nature

    Purchase carbon credits, buy biodiversity units, plant trees or support innovative nature projects around the world.

  4. Drive engagement

    Use Earthly's tools, resources and support to track the progress of your contributions and share your climate action with your audience.

Earthly Business Plans
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Regulation is being established to ensure the carbon market is effective and trustworthy. Governments around the world are pushing for emissions reductions as well as an awareness of our interlinked dependencies on nature. Businesses who are looking to stay ahead of compliance, and reduce risks, are working with Earthly to contribute to nature recovery either within or outside of their supply chain.

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The Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard is the world’s leading framework for setting corporate net-zero targets in line with climate science. The Standard strongly recommends that companies take immediate action above and beyond their targets, aka beyond value chain mitigation (BVCM). BVCM refers to mitigation action or investments outside of a company’s value chain. Nature-based solutions are a perfect way to do this, simultaneously benefitting biodiversity and communities in need.

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The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiatives (VCMI) provides contrasting guidance to SBTI allowing for greater use of high-integrity credits to further support solutions and help build more supply to reach our planetary goals and not create price shocks in the future. Businesses following this practice can balance emissions and make claims to support their journey. 

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Get started today by speaking to Earthly's sustainable business experts and find a solution that's right for both your business and for nature.

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From startups to multinationals, more and more businesses are partnering with Earthly to make a positive impact. Make a difference. Invest in Nature.

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