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Have you set SBTi targets (or are planning to) but are confused about how to reach them? We help companies identify high-quality nature-based projects that align with their goals and measure progress towards achieving these targets.

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Carbon Accounting

Helping achieve your targets

Working towards achieving targets can be confusing... But did you know that nature-based projects can contribute to 37% of the climate mitigation needed by 2030? At Earthly, we are committed to championing these projects as the best way for businesses to mitigate their carbon footprint while reducing their emissions in their journey to achieve their sustainable targets. Here's how we can help:

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Robust project assessment

Carbon credits are in demand but businesses must purchase responsibly and understand what projects can achieve.

Earthly's assessment process analyses 106 data points, aggregating information from reliable sources, including BeZero and Google Earth Engine. It is transparent, scores across a wide range of aspects, and creates a clear methodology for assessing impact.

And we don't stop at the initial project assessment. We continue monitoring projects to ensure they deliver real impact.

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