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Indonesian Borneo, DRC, Madagascar


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Earthly bundles contain a mix of nature-based solutions that help you spread your positive impact to a wide-range of projects. It’s a simple and effective way to accelerate your climate efforts. We have put together this bundle because we know this collection of projects packs a massive climate punch - but you can also contact us to select your own mix of projects. 

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A pie chart displaying the composition of bundle. 62% Peatland Protection, Rimba Raya, 37% is Mai Ndbome, REDD+, 1% Mangrove Planting, Maroalika

Project overview

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Mix up your impact

We believe in diversifying your investments in nature. Tackling the climate crisis takes more than a single solution. That's why we create Earthly bundles - so you can choose a mix of multiple solutions to align to your business goals.

Why these projects?

Earthly has selected this mix because we believe it is important to not only reforest degraded areas but also to protect existing ecosystems. Project Drawdown estimates that for each hectare of forest protected, the threat of deforestation is removed. By protecting an additional 335-466 million hectares of forest, 5.5-8.8 gigatons of CO2 emissions could be avoided by 2050.

But it's your bundle, so you decide. You can select any mix of projects to align to your goals and values.