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Owl Live partners with Earthly

Owl Live choses Earthly as a partner on their climate conscious journey.

Advocating for sustainable events

Owl Live advocates for sustainable events amongst their clients, always striving to prove the value of reimagining events in a more sustainable way and considering the end journey of every item they produce.

Climate solutions

Owl Live invests in nature-based solutions through the Earthly Marketplace, selecting projects that contribute to their UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Peatland Protection, Rimba Raya

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project is protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Without this project, the carbon-rich, peatland forest of Rimba Raya would have been turned into palm oil estates, emitting over 100 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

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Owl Live's mission is to create brand experiences that deliver impact. Their purpose is to inspire action in all the people they care about: their community, partners, and audiences. This is integral to their mission and everything that they achieve.

Owl Live's sustainability journey has really ramped up over the past year. As brand experience experts, one of the channels they use that has a heavy environmental impact is live events. They have, therefore, focused their sustainability efforts on their operations and the events they produce on behalf of their clients, setting bold targets and using a GhG-certified tool - trace - to effectively measure and reduce emissions and waste from internal operations and the events that they produce.

As Owl Live works with third-party suppliers, their sustainability journey so far has concentrated on educating themselves on innovative practices and the future of the industry so that they can set the right standards within their supply chain. Earthly has helped Owl Live achieve a huge milestone for their business: becoming certified climate positive. By equipping them with the tools to accurately measure their carbon footprint, Earthly has enabled Owl Live to set bolder reduction targets and management plans and provide a science-backed solution to balance the carbon emissions they can’t reduce.

Owl Live was looking to expand their knowledge of the sustainability landscape and increase their focus on the social aspect of ESG commitments when Earthly was recommended to them by Isla during their hunt for the right partner. It was immediately a perfect fit. The projects Earthly partners with really spoke to their purpose and enabled them to support local communities, protect biodiversity, and balance their emissions.

Owl Live has already seen the certification from Earthly open up conversations with their clients about balancing remaining carbon after reducing emissions from their events as much as possible. The Earthly dashboard is an incredible tool that visualizes the change that Owl Live is making and helps them to encourage their clients and suppliers to do the same. By hearing how the Rimba Raya biodiversity reserve supports local communities, Owl Live has been inspired to dial up their social commitments alongside their environmental ones.

Investing in high-quality nature-based project with Earthly enabled Owl Live to start investing in projects that align with both their environmental commitements and their social ones.

Owl Live x Earthly