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The Multiplayer Group partners with Earthly

The Multiplayer Group chose Earthly as their sustainability partner to give back to Nature.

Shaping the future of gaming

Creating games alongside some of the largest games studios in the world, The Multiplayer Group is a specialist outsource solution for multiplayer games. Dedicated to local communities, education, and sustainability, they are committed to giving back and work with Earthly on regenerating the planet through high-quality nature-based solutions.

Climate solutions

The Multiplayer Group received a Climate Positive Business certification and has invested in nature-based solutions that contribute to their UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Peatland Protection, Rimba Raya

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project is protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Without this project, the carbon-rich, peatland forest of Rimba Raya would have been turned into palm oil estates, emitting over 100 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere.

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Agroforestry Tree Planting Initiative, Kenya

TIST works with farmers in Kenya to provide them with technical training on how to integrate tree planting with their farmlands. This allows them to protect their crops from extreme weather events, increase biodiversity and receive carbon revenue from planting native trees. Our work with TIST has supported farmers to plant trees on 1,078,000 square metres of land to date.

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Earthly Tist Kenya

Tropical Forest Protection, Keo Seima

Rainforests of Keo Seima in Cambodia are the heart of local communities and home to rare wildlife! By reducing deforestation, this REDD+ project preserves biodiversity and supports the livelihoods of the Bunong community by helping them secure land rights.

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Earthly Nature Based Solutions Forests

Peatland Protection & Restoration, Sumatra-Merang

This project is bringing back degraded peatlands to life by protecting and rewetting 22,900 ha of peatland rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia preventing the release of over 2.6 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere so far. The project has thus improved a critical biodiversity region that is home to over 10 critically Endangered Species and the 19 Vulnerable Species.

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The Multiplayer Group

With a team of over 350 experienced professionals, MPG has successfully tackled complex technical challenges and delivered outstanding multiplayer gaming experiences for AAA award-winning developers and publishers, such as Activision and EA. And their success is heightened by a drive to having a positive influence.

A giving back philosophy

Guided by their three 'Giving Back' pillars of Education, Community, and Sustainability, the gaming company strives to make a positive impact on the world and shape the future of the gaming industry. MPG's commitment led them to become Corporate Ambassadors for Women in Games, a programme connecting organisations engaged in supporting and empowering women in the games industry, shining light on values such as gender equity, diversity and inclusion.

For MPG, having a positive influence also means taking a closer look at their impact on the planet and setting an example for the gaming industry. Antonia Parker, MPG's Operations Manager, emphasises the role businesses have when it comes to sustainability. “I believe that businesses have a responsibility to do as much as they can, and that includes reducing our impact on the planet,” she explains. MPG has been investing in nature by becoming Climate Positive for the third year, selecting nature-based solutions that protect and regenerate precious ecosystems.

Finding the right sustainability partner

When MPG started their climate journey in 2021, they were overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online. Determined to find a trustworthy organisation that genuinely aligned with their 3 pillars and the fact that they are a global team, they were looking for a partner that could make their sustainability efforts more meaningful.

Earthly's holistic approach and unique offering were the key differentiators. Firstly, Earthly not only helps measure the company's carbon footprint but also takes active steps to balance that impact, simplifying a complex process for MPG's global team. Earthly's wide range of nature-based projects also allowed MPG to choose initiatives from different parts of the world, connecting nature to their team all over the world, and creating a diverse and meaningful impact.

Moreover, the game developers appreciated Earthly's emphasis on their holistic approach, going beyond just carbon, and showcasing a proactive stance in addressing climate change. The fact that Earthly is a B Corp and created a comprehensive assessment methodology added further credibility, assuring that due diligence had been conducted.

Choosing projects with purpose

Embarking on a sustainability journey can be daunting, particularly for a rapidly growing company like MPG. Earthly's guidance and support, made the whole process clearer and more manageable. As a partner, the Earthly team provided insights and expertise, helping MPG measure their growth accurately. This involved considering all equipment purchases, shipping, and ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their environmental impact.

MPG supported various projects via Earthly, all carefully selected based on their ability to not only remove carbon but also contribute to biodiversity and support local communities. This aligns with MPG's three pillars, especially community, adding a deeper level of significance to their sustainability initiatives. The geographical spread of the projects further aligned with MPG's global presence, solidifying their commitment to making a positive impact worldwide.

MPG embarks their employees on their journey by showing the sustainability efforts they're making, the impact they're having, and goes the extra mile every year for Earth Day. To celebrate this special date, MPG invest in additional projects. Once, they picked a project in Spain, focused on regenerating forests that have been affected by fires, and Antonia Parker recounts a heartwarming moment: "I shared it internally with the team, and someone got in touch and explained how this is actually the very forest he used to play in when he was a kid. That made it feel extra worthwhile.”
This personal connection within such a global company reinforced the positive impact MPG was making on real communities around the world.

The Multiplayer Group's dedication to sustainability and giving back shines through their partnership with Earthly. Their quest to minimize their environmental impact and support meaningful projects has been realised with Earthly's comprehensive approach, expert guidance, and broad range of initiatives.

The Multiplayer Group partners with Earthly