Join us online for Economist Sustainability Week US

The event will run online and in Washington DC on May 30 - June 1st, 2023.

Melanie Catelo

Melanie Catelo

24 May, 2023

Join us online for Economist Sustainability Week US

“We have less than 10 years for businesses to become sustainable”

This year’s

Sustainability Week

, from Economist Impact, is focused on helping businesses become sustainable faster.

With less than ten years to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, there is a renewed urgency to examine global systems and balance human aspirations with the planet’s ability to sustain them. This is why Economist Impact has launched its Sustainability Weeks (in the UK & US). The aim is to convene and engage global stakeholders who have the power to bring real change.

Sustainability and business

There are now hundreds of sustainability events happening all around the world. While this is great progress, it’s easy for these conferences to become echo chambers of sustainable brands presenting to sustainability advocates. But what about the businesses starting on their journeys? What about industries that have historically harmed the climate and are looking to make positive changes? We love events like Sustainability Week US because it brings together the world of business - across all industries - and experts at all levels and stages of sustainability. This kind of inclusivity ensures no one is excluded or left behind in making progress for our planet.

The 3rd Sustainability Week US

This year, the annual Sustainability Week US aims to help businesses become sustainable faster, in light of the 2023 SDG targets. 

The event will run from May 30th to June 1st, 2023, in Washington DC and online. More than 500 in-person attendees, 4,500 virtual attendees, 300 speakers and 50 exhibitors will be attending, bringing a huge diversity of experience.

The core topics that will be covered throughout the event include:

  • Green finance and investment

  • Decarbonising business models

  • Biodiversity

  • Innovative technology

  • Social sustainability

  • Policy, regulation and reporting

  • Resilience and adaptation

  • Circularity and the supply chain

Who is Economist Impact?

Economist Events is now

Economist Impact

, empowering businesses, governments and foundations to catalyse change and enable progress. As an event organiser, Economist Impact is an independent guide to business sustainability that supports companies in achieving their sustainability goals and reaching outcomes with actual business value. Economist Impact helps businesses, policymakers, financiers, investors, NGOs, and others achieve sustainability goals faster.

If you would like more information about the event, visit the

website here

Earthly have a limited number of complimentary VIP passes to share with our network. Please get in touch if you or your team would like to take advantage of one of these VIP in-person passes for the Washington DC event, or a virtual pass for the online version.

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