Evolve Beauty Join The “Natural Revolution” Partnering With Earthly

08 Feb, 2021

Evolve Beauty Join The “Natural Revolution” Partnering With Earthly

COSMOS-certified natural skin, hair and bodycare brand 

Evolve Organic Beauty

 announced its partnership with Earthly in January 2021. They partnered with Earthly for their journey to become the UK’s first climate positive beauty brand.

Working with Earthly, Evolve has already offset 110% of their measured emissions by supporting the platform’s BAM project in the Amazon Rainforest to prevent deforestation and avoid producing carbon.

The adoption of clean beauty products is an opportunity for both producers and consumers to transform the beauty and personal care market into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry, and Evolve is leading the way.

Evolve’s hugely popular line of vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly products are handmade in small batches at their studio in Hertfordshire.

At Earthly, we are committed to helping businesses to join the ‘natural revolution’ and invest in the fight against climate change. Our science-backed natural solutions help businesses such as Evolve to balance their carbon impact, and as in this case – go beyond, to become climate-positive.

The beauty industry produces enormous amounts of waste, chemicals and carbon both directly and indirectly through its supply chain. Our immersive platform makes it easy for businesses to be transparent about what they are doing to counteract this and to share their positive impact in real-time.”

Earthly works with pioneering projects around the world, offering businesses different nature-based solutions which they can support to help them to become carbon negative and Climate Positive. 

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