How Artemis Education Is Using Climate Tech To Ensure A Greener Future

12 Apr, 2021

How Artemis Education Is Using Climate Tech To Ensure A Greener Future

Born from

Saracen Education, a leading Education Consultancy

operating from Doha, Qatar for the last 3 years, Artemis Education is now launching into school operations with exciting new projects around the region that will have sustainability at the top of the agenda.

Artemis Education is building a network of international schools, with plans to develop four new schools in the MENA region with the ambition for these schools to be climate positive by 2030. To reach this sustainability goal, the education group have partnered with Earthly to lead the fight against climate change and become climate positive.

At Earthly, we will work with the school builder to calculate the footprint of the builds and ongoing running costs to create a carbon removal strategy to meet their sustainability goals. With the first school build underway Earthly has created a carbon removal strategy based on science-backed nature-based solutions.

Once the carbon removal strategy is implemented, Earthly will maintain all the assets and create an immersive visual identity that will call out not only the carbon removed and protected but other co-benefits such as social good and biodiversity.

Once the schools are opened, Earthly will engage the student body and parents to make sure that they fully understand the power of the nature-based solutions and will seek to gamify key carbon reduction strategies so that stakeholders may also learn how to reduce their carbon footprint.