King x Earthly

King has collaborated with Earthly to invest in nature-based projects that remove carbon, restore nature and improve the livelihoods of people around the world.

The collaboration has helped remove 8,500+ tonnes of carbon so far. That's the equivalent of removing the footprint of 34,000+ flight hours!

Earthly x King Bundle
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Give a gift that makes a difference

This festive season, Kingsters can be kinder to the planet by gifting nature to friends, family and colleagues.

King and Earthly have created a special bundle of projects that are making a positive impact across the world.

The King bundle supports leading nature-based projects from Agroforestry Regeneration in Kenya to Rainforest Protection in the DRC to Seaweed Farming in the UK.

These high-quality nature-based projects have been handpicked for their carbon-busting power and their critical role in reversing climate breakdown.

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King's commitment to sustainable growth

We've collaborated with Earthly to invest in nature because we share a common commitment to working with nature and not against it.

As our investment in nature increases, our island grows. Your nature gifts will also help contribute to our island.

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