Biodiversity net gain: space for nature

Biodiversity net gain (BNG) is a solution designed for developers in the built environment sector to mitigate environmental damage and ensure that nature has a net benefit as a result.

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Go beyond carbon and build back biodiversity

The biodiversity crisis is just as critical as the climate crisis. At Earthly, we have always prioritised biodiversity alongside carbon, so we are proud to be able to guide developers in identifying high-quality BNG units. By supporting biodiversity projects, you will be contributing to the restoration and preservation of our planet's most valuable ecosystems with a focus on healthy soils, clean water and recovering species.

Earthly can support with both habitat enhancement on your own land, or the purchase of biodiversity units from other land owners. We have a diverse portfolio of biodiversity net gain units that are assessed and rated for high impact.

The business & biodiversity blog series: We chatted to experts in the field who shared their insights on, and hopes for, how BNG can help restore England's natural habitats.

Working with nature, not against it

Companies and governments are stepping up their commitment to nature. By supporting biodiversity net gain, it shows that your project is committed to sustainable practices and is actively taking steps to combat the biodiversity crisis.

Earthly supports compliance and voluntary credits through our unique platform that enables land owners, developers and businesses to offer or purchase biodiversity units. If your business or development falls out of scope of BNG regulation you can still support nature through our voluntary biodiversity credits.

Buy BNG units with Earthly

By partnering with Earthly, you will be supporting projects that promote conservation, reforestation and the preservation of endangered species. As ever, we put nature, carbon and communities first, so our independent project assessment means we only represent projects with high integrity, low risk and hugely positive impact on the environment.

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BNG compliance for the built environment in England

As part of the 2021 Environment Act, the UK Government now requires that all new developments demonstrate a net positive impact on biodiversity for their plans to be approved by Local Planning Authorities.

The regulation applied as of early 2024 for developments, in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, unless exempt.


Selling biodiversity units

We empower land managers and proprietors across the United Kingdom in their pursuit of funding for their biodiversity initiatives.

Our community of responsible businesses is ready to support you in your mission for long-term financial backing that guarantees your projects make the substantial impact you envision.

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Looking for a voluntary option?

If your business is not in the built environment sector, or you are a developer outside of England's BNG regulations, we are also able to provide high-quality biodiversity units to organisations wishing to support nature voluntarily.

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