imagineBank X Earthly

Earthly Admin

22 Sep, 2021

imagineBank X Earthly

Launched in January 2016, imaginBank has already reached more than a million customers. They are Spain’s first mobile-only bank providing banking services exclusively through mobile apps and social networks.

Dubbed the ‘youth bank’ of today, Imagin (part of CaixaBank) appeals to a younger demographic who are increasingly making informed and conscious choices about the way they live, and that includes the way they bank. It is no longer just about the professional or financial service alone, sustainability credentials is a key criteria that is coming to the forefront.

With sustainability front of mind for Imagin’s customers and as an integral part of their wider strategy , as the only digital B Corp bank, worldwide, we are proud to announce that they have entered into partnership with Earthly.

This partnership will allow Imagin to provide more than just traditional banking services, offering users the opportunity to have a positive environmental impact while banking. Users will contribute to the organisation’s wider climate goals to reduce and naturally remove their carbon footprint.

As part of the partnership, Earthly will plant trees when Imagin customers take certain actions including

  • 5 trees when someone signs up for a prepaid card

  • 5 trees when someone creates an Imaginbank account

  • 1 tree when a members refers a friend

Through Earthly’s API, Imagin customers can see carbon removed in real-time through the trees that have been planted as part of the partnership at both a customer and corporate level. Furthermore, Earthly will also help to deliver a personal carbon footprint tool, allowing users to calculate their impact through an easy three minute chatbot exercise.