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Webinar Episode #10

Biodiversity and beyond: paving the way for high-integrity projects in the UK

At Earthly, it has always been our mission to address both the climate and biodiversity crises. The majority of the nature-based solutions we offer are located in developing countries or the global south. There are many reasons for this, for example, these areas have often been disproportionately affected by climate change already. But what about the state of biodiversity in the UK?

We're bringing together an inspiring panel to discuss:

  • How has the UK ended up as one of the most nature-depleted countries?

  • Which ecosystems need our help the most?

  • And what kind of projects fulfil this support?

  • What are biodiversity credits?

  • How could they affect businesses and nature?

  • What is biodiversity net gain and it’s challenges/benefits?

  • What can the biodiversity credit system learn from carbon credits?

Tuesday 26th September

Planet Earthly: Episode 10

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Banashree Thapa Earthly Research Associate

Banashree Thapa

Research Associate,


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