Join us this October in Bristol

Earthly are official partners of the Blue Earth Summit

A gathering of the best people in business, with shared values around people and the planet. The three-day event will harness the power of nature and the outdoors to forge new connections and inspire positive change.

You'll find the Earthly team up on stage, hosting talks and workshops, and at our stand - keen to discuss your business' sustainability journey and how we could work together.

Offsetting the Blue Earth event

While care has been taken to reduce the impact of the event, some emissions are unavoidable. Earthly has partnered with Blue Earth Summit to ensure that all remaining carbon is offset.

As "the only place where you can change into a wetsuit and then (maybe!) change the world", the event's connection with the ocean is strong. This meant investing in a seaweed farming innovation, in Devon and Cornwall, was the perfect solution.

Seaweed farming requires no land, fertiliser or freshwater and produces zero waste. This makes it an incredibly clean and efficient way to remove carbon, increase biodiversity and create sustainable products for people.

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