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See how companies all over the world invest in nature with Earthly to maximise the impact of their climate efforts.

600+ companies partner with Earthly

Our customers, from around the world, partner with Earthly to maximise the value and impact of their climate efforts. Our customers' stories explain how each brand is making an important difference - for the Earth and for their business.

Garnier is committed to improving the environmental impact of their products and empowering consumers to make sustainable choices. They integrated Earthly into select beauty products through in-store purchases, investing in nature for each product sold...

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SThree began efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and invest in carbon removals more than a decade ago. As part of its efforts, SThree has teamed up with Earthly to maximise the impact of its investments in nature...

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One of the UK’s leading mortgage brokers, CC&A has worked with Earthly for over a year to invest in high-quality nature-based projects that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods. For each mortgage or insurance policy their clients complete, they plant one tree...

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Difference Coffee partners with Earthly to invest in nature

Difference Coffee makes the world’s best tasting coffee capsules sourced from legendary estates, rare varietals and coffee competitions. They partner with Earthly as part of the goal to guarantee that the journey from bean to cup is ethical and sustainable...

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ImagineBank partners with Earthly

CaixaBank launched ImaginBank as Spain’s first mobile-only bank providing banking services exclusively through mobile apps and social networks. They partnered with Earthly to empower their 4 million users to accelerate their climate journeys by investing in nature...

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One of the most innovative private international school groups, Artemis Education works with Earthly on increasing climate resilience and protecting the planet through high-quality nature-based solutions, providing a climate-positive education for the next generation.

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Owl live partners with Earthly

Owl Live advocates for sustainable events amongst their clients, always striving to prove the value of reimagining events in a more sustainable way and considering the end journey of every item they produce.

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The Multiplayer Group

Dedicated to local communities, education, and sustainability, MPG, the specialist outsource solution for multiplayer games are committed to giving back and regenerating the planet with nature-based solutions.

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